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KPI-based Performance Management System

  • M-1: Concept of PMS
  • M-2: Traditional vs KPI based Performance Management
  • M-3: Concept of KPI
  • M-4: KPI Designing
  • M-5: KPI Selection & Balancing
  • M-6: KPI Achievement Analysis & Reward Management


Method of KPI Designing

  • M-1: Basic Performance Management
  • M-2: Basic about KPI
  • M-3: Methods for KPI Designing


Return on Investment (ROI) of Training

  • M-1: Fundamentals of Training Evaluation & ROI
  • M-2: Data Collection
  • M-3: ROI Calculation

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Employee Turnover Cost: Calculation & reduction

  • M-1: Employee Turnover: the Essentials
  • M-2: Employee Turnover: Measures and Causes
  • M-3: Employee Turnover Cost: Concept, Types, Approach
  • M-4: Employee Turnover Cost: Calculation & Management¬†

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HR Planning: Scientific & Mathematical Estimation

  • M-1: Human Resource Planning: Concept & Practice
  • M-2: HR Demand Calculation
  • M-3: HR Supply Calculation

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Learning & Development as Business Partner [LDBP]

  • Module-1: Alignment of L&D strategy with Business Strategy
  • Module-2: Strategic Role of L&D & its framework
  • Module-3: L&D Life Cycle
  • Module-4: L&D for Business Excellence

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Employee Separation & Final Settlement: Process & Calculation

  • Mode of Employee Separation
  • Employee Separation Process
  • Employee Separation: Documents required
  • Principles for Calculating in case of Employee Separation
  • Issues to be considered while calculating the Final Settlement Amount
  • Tool for Final Settlement Calculation: Important Information
  • Sample Format for Final Settlement
  • Consideration of Bangladesh labor Law for Final Settlement

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Competency Mapping: Tools & techniques

  • M-1: Insight Thought of Competency
  • M-2: Competency Mapping: Model, Tools & Technique
  • M-3: Competency Models for HR

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Behavioral Interview: Tools & Techniques

  • M-1: Basic about Interviewing
  • M-2: Insight Thought of Behavioral Interview
  • M-3: Question Designing for Behavioral Interview

Learning & Development Essentials

  • M-1: Concept of Learning, Development & Training
  • M-2: Steps in the Training Process
  • M-3: Role Training Coordinator
  • M-4: Organizing a Training Program
  • M-5: Return on Investment of Training

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Coaching Skills for Managers

  • M-1: Basic about Coaching & Mentoring
  • M-2: Becoming a Coach
  • M-3: Competencies for Coaching
  • M-4: Coaching Models
  • M-5: Behavior-based Coaching Style
  • M-6: How to Conduct a Caching Session

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Method of Recruitment & Selection

  • M-1: Insight Thought of Talent Acquisition
  • M-2: Recruitment: Concept & Methods
  • M-3: Selection: Concept & Methods

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