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How the sessions will be conducted for Live session based program?

All our classes for Online Live programs will be conducted via zoom apps

If anyone fail in the first exam, can he attend again?

For every exam, there is an option for a make-up exam. However, if anyone needs to attend a third or onward attempt, he or she needs to pay a fee.

How can we receive materials

All materials will be shared via learning management system

What does your institute offer?

World Academy offers various kinds of professional training for area of Productivity, Profitability, Sustainability & Business Growth.

Where is your institute located?

Our head office is located in UK and our South Asia regional office (Operations) is located in Bangladesh.

What is the address?

UK Office: 2677A, 182-184 High Street North, East Ham, London E6 2JA. UK.

South Asia regional office: 5/12, Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Why are you contacting from Bangladesh?

As we are operating from Bangladesh, almost all communication is from Bangladesh.

Is your institute registered under government?

Yes, World Academy is registers under the UK government with a Learning Provider (UKPRN: 10091773).

Does your institution have the license for training?

World Academy has global ISO certification for “Learning Services Outside Formal Education” (ISO 29993:2017). World Academy also have accreditation of QAHE (www.qahe.org)

How are your modules taught?

The modules are taught either LIVE Session via Zoom or you can also have a self-paced program where you can study by yourself.

Will I attend lectures? Is any of it face-to-face?

If you enroll in the LIVE session, you will have access to zoom session where you can interact with the trainers/experts who will be conducting the session. There are no on-campus courses.

How do I get a assistance to help me?

You will have the option of asking trainer during the LIVE session. At the end of each session, you will get the opportunity to ask question. If you are doing a Self-Study course, you will have the option of asking question through our Learning Management System.

How do I access my course materials?

After enrollment to any program, you will get access to Learning Management System (LMS), and on this study platform you will find all study materials.

What is the virtual learning environment?

Our LIVE sessions are conducted via Zoom App. Session extend from 2 to 2.5 hours, wit an aim to cover allocated modules. There will be opportunity to interact with trainers in the Q&A section. The study material will be available after each session. It will be uploaded within 24 hours.

Is there any physical form of classes?

No physical classes.

Can I study from home or while I am travelling?

Yes, we have made the LMS accessible via any device (smart phone, laptop, desktop pc etc.).

When can I start my studies?

For the LIVE session, you need to wait for the first session to take place. And for the fully online version, you can start the moment you are given access to LMS.

Are these course/s valid?

Almost all the course are validated and quality assured by ProfQual-UK (profqual.org.uk/), Cambridge Academy of Professionals- UK (cambridgeacademy.uk/), International Professional Accreditation Council – Singapore (ipacglobal.org/), Academy of Business English & Communication (english-academy.net/) and many more.

How do I enroll in the course?

You need to talk to our sales representative to check your eligibility. After that you will have to complete an Online registration. When you have successfully completed the online registration, then you will have to make the payment to complete the enrollment process.

How does the assessment for the courses work?

Each course have they assessment criteria. Assessment is based on exam, assignment and presentation. Each course has its own structure for assessment.

Can I enroll in more than 1 program simultaneously?

Yes, you can enroll in more than one program, regardless if both the session time does not conflict.

How does Course Registration work?

You just need to confirm which course you are interested in and accordingly our sales representative will share you the designated link for online registration.

What are the different levels of the courses?

There are Professional Certificate course, Certified course, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma program, Masters and MBA program, Doctorate programs.

How much do you charge for certificates?

The certificate charges are included in the fee of the program.

What if I forgot my password?

The IT will do their best to recover your password, or they will provide you with a new password for the LMS.

What are Diploma Courses?

Project Management; Human Resource; Logistics and Supply Chain; Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning; Talent Management, Business Communication and Managerial Competency; Business Management; Leadership and People Management; Occupation, Health & Safety; Finance and Accounts; People Management.

What are Certified Courses?

Well, there are multiple courses under, HR, Project Management, SCM, Finance and Accounting and more. There are more than 80 courses you can select from. Go to this link and discover ore courses (https://worldacademy.uk/list-of-courses)

What are PGD course?

Project Management; Human Resource; Logistics and Supply Chain; Business Communication and Managerial Competency; Business Management; Leadership and People Management; Occupation, Health & Safety.

What are Master/MBA Class courses?

There are about 7 specializations under the Masters Program and about 32 specializations under the MBA program which is validated (audited, quality controlled and quality assured) by our academic partner, the European International University (EIU-Paris | https://eiu.ac/).

Is there any option for Payment Plan/Installment? How does it work?

Yes, we have installment facilities. We shall give you a payment plan, and based on that you have to make the payment. If you fail to make the payment on time, you have to let us know or we shall stop your access to the Learning Management System.

What are the ways I can make the payment?

We have multiple mode of payment. You can pay Online via VISA/ MasterCard, Bank transfer, Western Union/MoneyGram, PayPal or you can pay through our partner in your country (If any). All transfer charges are to be borne by the participant.

How will I be assessed? Will I have to sit exams?

It depends on the program you are selecting. There are programs where there will be multiple exams, and there is program you just have to give one single exam.

Are exam dates/times flexible? Or are they fixed?

Yes, the schedule is fixed if you are in LIVE session program. But if you are in Self-paced program, then you have to let us know and accordingly the administrating will set an exam for you.

Can I retake exam?

If you fail to pass on you first attempt, you will get a second chance to give the exam. BUT if you fail on your second attempt and want to attempt for the third time, you will have to give an exam fee.

Do I need to be in work or employed in a specific area?

Its much preferred that you manage your education and studies parallelly.

When can I claim the certificate?

After you have successfully completed all the assessment criteria and you have received your grades, there will be an e-certificate available to you within 10-15 days of grade publishing. There are programs where a digital badge (info.credly.com) is also given that will take up to 10-15 days of grade publishing. The hardcopy/printed version of the certificate will be distributed 3 times in a year.

How the certificates are verified?

All our certificates can be verified via website of the accredited institution.

Is there any validity period after course completion to claim the certificate?

Most of the certificate has Life-long validity. Some requires you to extend by earning credit points through performing real time activities which will be assessed by Cambridge Academy of Professional – UK.

How do I claim the certificate?

You don’t have to claim your certificate, you will get them automatically.

Is the certificate electronic or printed?

Most of the program have printed and electronic version of the certificate. 

Is there anything else besides certificate that I will receive?

Badge from Credly (by Pearson), scope to check online validity anytime, opportunity to be a part of a knowledge-based community.


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