HR Planning: Scientific and Mathematical Calculation - Online

HR Planning: Scientific and Mathematical Calculation - Online

IPAC-Singapore endorsed Course. This course is recognized by HRCI-USA, SHRM-USA for recertification points

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Objective of the program: After successful completion of the program, participants will be able to determine proper Human Resource Planning which may lead to:

  • Ensure adequate supply of manpower as and when required.
  • Forecast future requirements of human resources with different levels of skills.
  • Assess surplus or shortage, if any, of human resources available over a specified period of time.

Overview of the Program:


Human resource planning aims at fulfilling the objectives of manpower requirement. It helps to mobilize the recruited resources for the productive activities. The human resource planning is an important process aiming to link business strategy and its operation. Human resource planning ensures that people are available to provide the continued smooth operation of an organization. It means, human resource planning is regarded as a tool to assure the future availability of manpower to carry on the organizational activities. It determines the future needs of manpower in terms of number and kind.


Human resource planning is important to cope with the change associated with the external environmental factors. It helps assess the current human resources through HR inventory and adapts it to changing technological, political, socio-cultural, and economic forces. The main objective of having human resource planning is to have an accurate number of employ­ees required, with matching skill requirements to accomplish organizational goals.



OT-HR Planning Scientific & Mathematical Estimation-M-1

OT-HR Planning Scientific & Mathematical Estimation-M-2

OT-HR Planning Scientific & Mathematical Estimation-M-3

Major Discussion Areas


Module-1: Human Resource Planning: Concept & Practice

1.1   HRP & Strategic HRP: Concept & Practice

1.2   Objective of HR Planning

1.3   Importance of HR Planning

1.4   Factors Affecting HR Plan

1.5   HR Planning Steps

1.6   HR Planning Model


Module-2: HR Demand Calculation

2.1   HR Demand Analysis Steps

2.2   Special Consideration in Demand Analysis

2.3   Trend analysis or index analysis

2.4   Productivity measurement method

2.5   Delphi technique


Module-3: HR Supply Calculation

3.1   Replacement chart

3.2   Marcov analysis

This course is endorsed by IPAC-Singapore


This course is recognized by HRCI-USA, SHRM-USA for recertification points

Practice Exercise: There are 3 Practice Exercises in the material. Delegate needs to practice by self. These exercises are only for learning purposes.

Assignment: There will be an assignment to be submitted via the portal

Examination: There will be MCQ based Examination. Anytime anyone can attend an exam

Q: Is there any class?

A: There is no class. This is a fully online course. You can enroll anytime and can access it from anywhere.

Q: Can I use Mobile to operate the learning management system?

A: Yes, you can use mobile to operate the learning management system

Q: Is there any other fee for this course completion?

A: No, there is no other fee. The fee is all-inclusive.

Q: Is there any certificate for this course?

A: Yes, after passing the exam, you will get your electronic certificate in the portal.

Q: How can I operate the Learning Management system?

A: After enrollment, you will get access to our YouTube channel and will find a video tutorial.

Q: Is there any exam?

A: Yes, there is a multiple-choice question-based exam.

Q: If I do not pass the exam the first time, what will happen?

A: You can attempt as many times as needed to pass the exam without any further fee.

Q: How can I enroll?

A: Please click the enroll button on the course description page and follow the instructions. Make payment through visa/master card via the online portal and you will get access within 1 day.

Q: May I contact anyone for any assistance!

A: Yes, you can contact us via WhatsApp ( or email


Length 1 week
Effort 7 hours
Live Chat Enabled
Fee $ 15.00

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