HRCI Recertification Points

HRCI recertification Points are available!

Join any of the below courses to get recertification credit hours toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™ recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®).


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List of Programs recognized by SHRM & HRCI for their recertification Credit
Course Type: Certified Professional
Sl No Title HRCI Type HRCI
CP-1 Certified Competency Mapping Specialist [CCMS] HR (General) 16
CP-2 Certified HR Analytics Professional Business 20
CP-3 Certified Learning & Development Professional [CLDP] HR (General) 16
CP-4 Certified Associate Human Resource Professional [CAHRP] HR (General) 20
CP-5 Certified Team Performance Specialist [CTPS] HR (General) 14
CP-6 Certified Succession Planning Specialist [CSPS] HR (General) 9
CP-7 Certified PEOPLE Champion HR (General) 16
CP-8 Certified Apparel Compliance Professional [CACP] HR (General) 16
CP-9 Certified HR Business Partner 2.0 [Online] Business 45
CP-10 Certified HR Business Partner 2.0 [Virtual Class based] Business 15
CP-11 Certified Compensation & Benefits Professional [CCBP] HR (General) 16
CP-12 Certified Human Resource Professional [CHRP] HR (General) 24
CP-13 Certified Key Performance Indicator Specialist [CKPIS] Business 24
CP-14 Certified HR Generalist [CHRG] HR (General) 24
CP-15 Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist [CRSS] HR (General) 16
CP-16 Certified Performance Management Professional [CPMP] HR (General) 22
CP-17 Certified Organization Development Professional [CODP] Business 16
CP-18 Certified Human Resource Associate HR (General) 15.75
CP-19 Certified Psychometric Assessment Specialist [CPAS] HR (General) 16
CP-20 Certified Fellow Human Resource Professional [cFHRP] HR (General) 15
CP-21 Certified HR Compliance Professional [CHRCP] HR (General) 20
Course Type: Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma
Sl No Title HRCI Type HRCI
D-1 Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management HR (General) 72
D-2 Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership & People Management [PGDLPM] HR (General) 50
D-3 Post Graduate Diploma in Business Communication & Managerial Competency [PGDBCMC] HR (General) 50
D-4 Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health (PGDOSH) HR (General) 50
D-5 Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management [PGDBM] Business 72
D-6 Diploma in Human Resource Management [DHRM] HR (General) 48
Course Type: Professional Certificate/ Certificate/ Post Graduate Certificate
Sl No Title HRCI Type HRCI
PC-1 Professional Certificate in Managerial Excellence [PcMEx] HR (General) 20
PC-2 Professional Certificate in Strategic HR Management [PcSHRM] HR (General) 20
PC-3 Professional Certificate in Leadership Excellence [PcLE] HR (General) 12
PC-4 Professional Certificate in HR Operations [PcHRO] HR (General) 20
PC-5 Professional Certificate in Compensation & Benefit Management [PcCBM] HR (General) 16
PC-6 Professional Certificate in Health, Safety & Environment [PcHSE] HR (General) 16
PC-7 Professional Certificate in Training Need & Impact Assessment [PcTNAIA] HR (General) 16
PC-8 Talent Management Master Class [TMMC] HR (General) 20
Course Type: Workshop
Sl No Title HRCI Type HRCI
W-1 HR Audit: Preparation & Conduction HR (General) 3
W-2 TNA: Process, Tools and Technique HR (General) 3
W-3 ROI of Training HR (General) 3
W-4 Coaching Skills for Managers HR (General) 3
W-5 Competency Mapping: Tools & Techniques HR (General) 3
W-6 Facilitation: Concept & Competencies HR (General) 3
W-7 HR Planning: Scientific and Mathematical Calculation HR (General) 3
W-8 Methods for KPI Designing HR (General) 3
W-9 Methods of Recruitment & Selection HR (General) 3
W-10 Job Analysis: Methods & Tools HR (General) 3
W-11 Employee Turnover Cost: Calculation & Reduction HR (General) 3
W-12 Learning & Development Essentials HR (General) 3
W-13 Learning & Development as Business Partner HR (General) 3
W-14 Employee Separation & Final Settlement: Process & Calculation HR (General) 3
W-15 Emotional Intelligence at Work: KEY to Success HR (General) 4

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