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World Academy is now ISO Certified organization

ISO/IEC 17024:2012

Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons

Scope: Professional Qualification, Professional Certification, Certified Professional Credential Higher Education, Diploma, Higher National Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma Online Education, Technical & Vocational Certification, Technical & Vocational Education, Professional Education, Professional Membership, Professional Standard Evaluation, Individuals Auditor Licensing, Professional Licensing Organizational Standard Evaluation, Certified Professional Accountant Certified Financial Analyst, Certified HR Auditor, Certified Public Accountant

Certificate Number: 0909043



ISO 30414:2018

Human resource management — Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting

Scope: Audit of HR Practices for Companies, Issuance of Auditor License for Human Resources areas and Accredit Organizations related to Education, Training and HR Services (Audit of Human Resource Practice of the Organization, Issuance of Lead Auditor Training for Human Resource areas, Conduct Lead Auditor Training for Human Resource areas, Accredit other organizations services related with Human Resource areas, Accredit Assessment Center, Accredit Outsourcing Firm Accredit Training Institute, Accredit Trainer, Accredit Job Placement Organization Accredit Education Institute)

Certificate Number: 0909044

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ISO/IEC 40180:2017

Information Technology-Quality for learning, education and training 

Scope: This document provides the fundamentals and the reference framework for quality assurance, quality management and quality improvement in IT-enhanced learning, education and training (called E-Learning). It consists mainly of the Quality Reference Framework (QRF) for E-Learning, which is a common and generic framework to describe, specify and understand critical properties, characteristics and metrics of quality. The QRF combines an elaborated and extensive process model with a descriptive model for the processes. This document harmonizes existing approaches, concepts, specifications, terms and definitions related to quality for E-Learning, education and training. 

E-learning Management System, Online Diploma & Post Graduate Diploma, Online Certification course, Online MBA/ Masters Programs, Online Training.

Certificate Number: 0909081



ISO 29993:2017

Learning Services Outside Formal Education

Scope: Online Diploma & Post Graduate Diploma, Online Certification course, Online MBA/ Masters Programs, Online Training Programs, Online Professional Education, Instructor-lead virtual class based certification. 

Certificate No: 0909082



ISO 21001:2018

Educational organizations — Management systems for educational organizations — Requirements with guidance for use

Scope: Professional Education, Professional Certification, Certified Professional Credential, Higher Education, Diploma, Higher National Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Online Education, Technical & Vocational Education, Accreditation and Global Placement

Certificate No: SCK/17/WAR/22/44/3113      

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