Pgd Project Management


Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management [PGDPM]


WARD’s PGDPM has been accredited by ProfQual, an UK based Professional Qualification awarding body

Why professionals prefer WARD’s PGDPM?

  • UK standard Qualification
  • World Class Curriculum
  • Globally Experienced Instructor led program
  • Study Materials: Completely FREE
  • Case-Assignment based learning
  • Practical focused, Job oriented modules
  • Work simulation based curriculum
  • Equipped with Formats/ tools
  • Mobile friendly Learning Management System

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  1. To gather knowledge on basic Project Management
  2. To be acquainted with Project Management Skills
  3. To have all tools and formats to be used in Project Management
  4. To have confident to compete with experienced person
  5. To have practical exposures in different Project Management function
  6. To gain adequate business knowledge to become expert Project Management practitioner
  7. To gain competencies to add value towards bottom line of the organization
  8. To gain expertise to contribute in Business decisions

Major Features of WARD’s PGDPM:

  • Total Unit [Subject]: 12
  • Each Unit has 4 class [1 hour and 15 minutes]
  • Total Class: 48 * 1 hour 15 minutes= 60 hours
  • Class per day: 2 classes @ 1 hour 15 minutes = 2.5 hours per day
  • Class Day: Only Sunday
  • Class time: 2 class (1.25 hours*2=2.5 hours): 2-4.30 pm GMT/ 8-10.30 pm Bd time/ 10 pm to 12.30 am Malaysia Time
  • Total Class: 24 weeks, 48 classes  @ 1 hours 15 minutes
  • Quiz: 4 quizzes [one for every 3 units]
  • Exam: 2 parts: [Part-1: Unit: 1-6, Part-2: Unit: 7-12]
  • Theses/ Project Work: 1


Mode of Course Administration: Available in two methods:
  • Fully Online version
  • Virtual Class Based version

Features of Both versions



Fully Online version

Virtual Class Based Version


8 months duration program

8 months duration program

Learning Method

Module wise video tutorial

Module wise 48 classes 

Class Time


Usually Class on weekend

Learning Time

24/7 learning opportunity

2 classes @1.15 hours each class

Quiz Test

Online Quiz Test

Online Quiz Test

Final Exam

Online Final Exam

Online Final Exam

Assignment Submission

Online Assignment submission

Online Assignment submission


Material Free

Material Free

Contact with Instructor

Interact with Instructor through LMS

Interact with Instructor


Learn through Interactive/mobile friendly Learning Management System

Learn through Interactive/mobile friendly Learning Management System

Subjects of PGDPM Program


U-1: Project Management Context
U-2: Project Integration Management
U-3: Project Scope Management
U-4: Project Schedule Management
U-5: Project Finance & Cost Management
U-6: Project Quality Management
U-7: Project Resource Management
U-8: Project Communication Management
U-9: Project Risk Management
U-10: Project Procurement Management
U-11: Project Stakeholder Management
U-12: Leadership & Influence in Project Management

Each unit has 4 classes. Contact for detail brochure


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