Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management [PGDBM]



Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management or PGDBM is 8 months professional postgraduate level diploma course in Business Management. The program successfully prepares candidates with advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies in the key functional areas of management and also opens career scope for them in many areas.

PGDBM teaches graduates the business framework and the functionality of various business models. The program course equips you with strategic thinking tactics to improve organizational core competencies and manage any business at a fundamental level and optimize its value and functioning.


Why study PGDBM?


Many students choose to study PGDBM because of the following reasons-

· Networking & Entrepreneurship : PGDBM graduates are trained with having a knack for the current market scenario, good business sense, excellent analytical skills, and most importantly, powerful networking aptitude. This program helps develop graduates with a solid business network to venture out a new business and become successful entrepreneurs.

· Corporate Career : Graduates who have earned a PGDBM degree can take up any job profiles and accelerate career

· Top Skill Acquired : This course will teach them about marketing, economic framework, business laws, organizational development, business strategies, Financial Derivatives. Along with these, this course will also impart important management skills like Risk Management, Trade & Marketing Management, Financial Management, Economic & Management Decisions, etc.

Curse overview:


· Total Unit [Subject]: 12

· Modules: Every unit has 4 modules

· Total Modules: 48

· Each Module has 1 class [1.5 hours]

· Total Class: 48 * 1.5 hours= 72 hours

· Class per day: 2 classes @ 1.5 hours = 3 hours per day

· Class per week: 2 class (1.5 hours*2=3 hours)

· Total Class: 24 weeks, 48 classes  

· Quiz: 6 quizzes [one for every 2 modules]

· Exam: 2 parts: [Part-1: Unit: 1-6, Part-2: Unit: 7-12]

· Theses/ Project Work: 1


WARD’s PGDBM has been accredited by ProfQual, an UK based Professional Qualification awarding body


Why do professionals prefer WARD’s PGDBCMC?

  • UK standard Qualification
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Globally Experienced Instructor-led program
  • Study Materials: Completely FREE
  • Case-Assignment based learning
  • Practical focused, Job oriented modules
  • Work simulation-based curriculum
  • Equipped with Formats/ tools
  • Mobile friendly Learning Management System

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International Accreditation:


    “This program is valid for 72 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.” 


    “This program is valid for 72 recertification points for APTD & CPTD of Association for Talent Development USA             


Mode of Course Administration: Available in two methods:
  • Fully Online version
  • Virtual Class-Based version



Fully Online version

Virtual Class-Based Version


9 months duration program

9 months duration program

Learning Method

Module wise tutorial for self learning

Module wise 40 classes 

Class Time


Usually Class on weekend

Learning Time

24/7 learning opportunity

2 classes @1.5 hours each class

Quiz Test

Online Quiz Test

Online Quiz Test

Final Exam

Online Final Exam

Online Final Exam

Assignment Submission

Online Assignment submission

Online Assignment submission


Material Free

Material Free

Contact with Instructor

Interact with Instructor through LMS

Interact with Instructor in class and through LMS


Learn through Interactive/mobile-friendly Learning Management System

Learn through Interactive/mobile-friendly Learning Management System


Units / Subjects of PGDBM Program


Unit-1: Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Unit-2: Good Governance and Compliance Management
Unit-3: Organization Design and Development
Unit-4: People Management
Unit-5: Financial Management
Unit-6: Business Development
Unit-7: Operations Management
Unit-8: Supply Chain Management
Unit-9: Total Quality Management
Unit-10: Business Economics & Cost Accounting
Unit-11: Business Leadership & Innovation
Unit-12: Business Analysis & Statistics


Each unit has 4 modules. Contact for detailed brochure


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