Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching & Mentoring are very vital tool for todays Manager. These helps manager to develop, to stimulate and to retain employees in the organization

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Objective of the session: After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Transform Bosses, Managers & Leaders  to Coaches
  • Understand the concept of Coaching & Mentoring
  • Understand Importance & Benefits of Coaching
  • Acquire Competencies required by the Coach
  • Practice the Coaching Process
  • Apply different Models of Coaching

Overview of the Program:


Coaching & Mentoring are very vital tool for todays Manager. These helps manager to develop, to stimulate and to retain employees in the organization. These are very important and widely used methods for getting best output from team members.


In this course you will find essential contents of Coaching. Also will find some practical Exercise and Self Assessment part which will assure application of learning. After successfully completing this course any Manager will be confident in coaching for their team members.



OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-0-Intro

OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-1

OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-2

OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-3

OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-4

OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-5

OT-Coaching Skills for Manager-M-6

Major Discussion Areas


Module-1: Basic about Coaching & Mentoring

  • Concept of Coaching
  • Importance of coaching
  • Benefits of Coaching
  • Difference between Coaching & Mentoring
  • When to use what
  • Typical issues addressed in coaching session


Module-2: Becoming a Coach

  1. Characteristics of good coach
  2. Personal qualities of a coach
  3. Role of a Coach
  4. Boss vs Coach



Module-3: Competencies for Coaching

  • Skills for Coaching
  • Competencies of a Coach
  • Communication Skills for Effective Coaching
  • EARS listening Model
  • Good Habits of Effective Listeners
  • Questioning Skills for Coach


Module-4: Coaching Models

  • Coaching models – GROW model
  • Coaching models – The 7-step problem-solving model
  • STIR Model
  • PIE models


Module-5: Behavior based Coaching Style

  • Learn Caochee’s behavior
  • Coaching style based on Coachee’s behavior


Module-6: How to Conduct a Caching Session

  • Responsibilities of the coach
  • Elements of Good Coaching Session
  • Principles of coaching
  • Coaching Process
  • The coaching session – 7 step approach
  • Coaching mistakes to be avoided
  • Barriers to effective coaching

Assignment: Final Assignment contains the below seven activities

  • Activity-1: Coaching Skills Self-Assessment : Do I Build Rapport Well?
  • Activity-2: Coaching Skills Self-Assessment 2: Am I a Good Listener?
  • Activity-3: Coaching Skills Self-Assessment 3: Do I Ask Effective Questions?
  • Activity-4: Coaching Skills Self-Assessment : Do I Provide Constructive Feedback?
  • Activity-5: Coaching Worksheet – GROW  MODEL
  • Activity-6: Case for Coaching Application
  • Activity-7: Self Assessment as Coach
Enrollment Closes 31/Dec/2024 GMT
Length 1 week
Effort 10 hours
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Fee $ 20.00

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