Competency Mapping: Tools and Techniques - Online

Competency Mapping: Tools and Techniques - Online

IPAC-Singapore endorsed Course. This course is recognized by HRCI-USA, SHRM-USA for recertification points

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Outcome of the Program: After successful completion of the program, the participants will

  • Be able to understand Competence, Competency and Competency Framework
  • be able to identify Competencies required for a position
  • be able to develop competency for any position

Introduction: Competencies are the skills, behaviors and performance standards that turn the “what” of an expectation into the “how.” Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes.


The objectives of competency mapping are to help an employee become more efficient, effective and competitive. It starts with a set of high-level core competency standards such as innovation, creativity, technical expertise, quality and a customer-oriented focus, all of which reflect the achievement of strategic business goals. Through the process of competency mapping these goals become employee performance benchmarks. Managers use these benchmarks to increase the productivity and performance of employees and the efficiency, effectiveness and competitive nature of the business as a whole.


OT-Competency Mapping Tools & Techniques-M-0-Intro

OT-Competency Mapping Tools & Techniques-M-1

OT-Competency Mapping Tools & Techniques-M-2

OT-Competency Mapping Tools & Techniques-M-3

Major areas to be covered:


Module-1: Insight Thought of Competency

  • Concepts of Competence & Competency
  • 5 types of competency characteristics
  • Iceberg Model of Competency
  • Central & Surface Competency
  • Benefits of using Competency model


Modue-2: Competency Mapping: Model, Tools & Technique

  • Competency Pyramid Model
  • Sources of Competency Information
  • Competency Mapping: Steps & Tools


Modue-3: Competency Models for HR

  • SHRM Competency Model for HR Professional
  • Competency Model for Senior Level HR Professionals
  • Competency Model for Mid Level HR Professionals
  • Competency Model for Junior Level HR Professionals

This course is endorsed by IPAC-Singapore


This course is recognized by HRCI-USA, SHRM-USA for recertification points

Practice Exercise: There are 3 Practice Exercises in the material. Delegate needs to practice by self. These exercises are only for learning purposes.

Assignment: There will be an assignment to be submitted via the portal

Examination: There will be MCQ based Examination. Anytime anyone can attend an exam

Exercise & Assignment:

Activity-1: Types of Competency Character

Activity-2: Data Source for Competency Mapping for Sales Manager

Activity-3: Competency Mapping for Head of Sales

Actvity-4: Ranking of Behavioral Competency of SHRM

Activity-5: Develop Competency for HR Professional [Senior, Mid & Junior Level]

Q: Is there any class?

A: There is no class. This is a fully online course. You can enroll anytime and can access it from anywhere.

Q: Can I use Mobile to operate the learning management system?

A: Yes, you can use mobile to operate the learning management system

Q: Is there any other fee for this course completion?

A: No, there is no other fee. The fee is all-inclusive.

Q: Is there any certificate for this course?

A: Yes, after passing the exam, you will get your electronic certificate in the portal.

Q: How can I operate the Learning Management system?

A: After enrollment, you will get access to our YouTube channel and will find a video tutorial.

Q: Is there any exam?

A: Yes, there is a multiple-choice question-based exam.

Q: If I do not pass the exam the first time, what will happen?

A: You can attempt as many times as needed to pass the exam without any further fee.

Q: How can I enroll?

A: Please click the enroll button on the course description page and follow the instructions. Make payment through visa/master card via the online portal and you will get access within 1 day.

Q: May I contact anyone for any assistance!

A: Yes, you can contact us via WhatsApp ( or email


Length 1 week
Effort 10 hours
Live Chat Enabled
Fee $ 15.00

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