Certified Project Review and Recovery Specialist [CPRRS]

Certified Project Review and Recovery Specialist [CPRRS]

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PROGRAM MODE: Live Virtual session LEARNING METHOD: Self-Paced Learning Material, Exercises, Assignment ASSESMENT METHOD: Fully Online MCQ based Exam DURATION: 4 months CONTACT HOURS: 16 Hours Validated & quality assured by: Cambridge Academy of Professionals- UK


Key Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess a challenged project’s current status
  • Classify the project’s status using a recovery taxonomy
  • Determine an appropriate recovery course of action
  • Identify an appropriate organization for recovery
  • Communicate key elements of troubled project status to appropriate stakeholders
  • Define a plan for recovery of a troubled project
  • Demonstrate ability to identify and employ appropriate recovery techniques
  • Transition the troubled project appropriately


M-1: What Is a Troubled Project?
M-2: Evaluation: Defining the “Should Be”
M-3: Evaluation: Defining the “As Is”
M-4: Factory Compliance
M-5: Plan the Recovery
M-6: Execution, Monitor, and Control the Recovery
M-7: Transition and Debrief

Course Overview: 

The consequences of failed projects can be grim. Lost business, lost jobs, and lost opportunity. To put it in perspective, consider this: in just a 12-month period, organizations that average closing $65 million worth of projects will see $30 million of those projects at risk of failing, according to findings from PM Solutions Research. That means that nearly half of an organization's projects are at risk at any given time, no matter the size of the organization. With so much at stake, early detection and action is key to avoiding the substantial losses associated with troubled projects and project failures.

In this course, you will be introduced to a comprehensive review and recovery process that helps you identify troubled projects and take corrective action early in the project lifecycle to avoid costly losses and failure. You’ll learn how to identify true root causes of troubled projects through a formal assessment to focus recovery efforts in the right areas. You’ll also learn how to develop a recovery plan that identifies the critical objectives that must be satisfied to complete the project.

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