Certified Supply Chain Management Professional [CSCMP]

Certified Supply Chain Management Professional [CSCMP]

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Cambridge Academy of Professionals-UK Certified


Objective: After successful completion of the program, CpSCM will be able to:
1. Apply Cost Leadership strategy in different process of the business
2. Navigate the business through Cost & Quality Leadership
3. Apply different international standard Supply Chain management Concept in the organization
4. Ensure Quality Management system in the organization
5. Deal with Logistic Management effectively and efficiently
6. Identify and apply KPI for Supply chain Management
7. Analyze and improve the Supply Chain efficiency in the organization

Areas of Discussion and Assessment

M-1. Understanding the Supply Chain 
M-2. Business Competitiveness through Supply Chain
M-3. Supply Chain Modelling
M-4. Linking the Customer – Demand Management
M-5. Managing the Supply Base–  Procurement & Supply Management
M-6. Warehouse & Inventory Management
M-7. Logistics, Distribution & Transport Management
M-8. Cost Optimization in SCM
M-9. Measuring Supply Chain Performance
M-10. Supply Chain Risk Management
M-11. E-Commerce and Information Technology
M-12. Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Management

Essential Information:

Start Date: 19 Mar

Total Sessions: 10 Sessions

Class Day: Every Sunday

Class Time: 2-4 pm UTC/ 8-10 pm Bangladesh Time

Certification: Cambridge Academy of Professionals - UK

Class Mode: Online via zoom

Supply Chain Certification program accredited by Cambridge Academy of Professionals – UK

Introduction about Program:

Supply Chain Management is one of the major areas of any organization high can navigate the business towards success. Effective and efficient Supply chain management can deal the entire chain of business life cycle, starting from raw material to delivery. For every type of business like Manufacturing, Service, Non profit, project based are badly needed the effective Supply Chain Professionals for maintain customer satisfaction, cost leadership, business competitiveness, Quality Management etc.

Considering the high importance of Supply Chain Management in Business Sustainability and growth, WARD has launched this value adding Certified Professional Program for Supply Chain Management professionals with the accreditation support from Cambridge Academy of Professionals - UK. This is one of the best courses in its category globally. One of the apex Professional bodies Cambrdige Academy of Professionals - UK has accredited the curriculum and will confer the individual as Certified Professional in Supply Chain management [CSCCM] and issue Certificate to them who qualifies.

This course is to provide an overview of the supply chain management from manufacturer to customer. The training will enable the participants to appreciate the dynamics of the SCM and the SCM professionals to be able to create solutions to provide better service, support and produce greater business

Enrollment Closes 19/Mar/2023 GMT
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