Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) - (Self-Paced)

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) - (Self-Paced)

The program successfully prepares candidates with advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies in the key functional areas of management and also opens career scope for them in many areas. PGDBM teaches graduates the business framework and the functionality of various business models.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management or PGDBM is 8 8-month professional postgraduate level diploma course in Business Management. The program successfully prepares candidates with advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies in the key functional areas of management and also opens career scope for them in many places. PGDBM teaches graduates the business framework and the functionality of various business models. The program course equips you with strategic thinking tactics to improve organizational core competencies manage any business at a fundamental level and optimize its value and functioning.

Why study PGDBM?

Many students choose to study PGDBM because of the following reasons-

• Networking & Entrepreneurship: PGDBM graduates are trained with a knack for the current market scenario, good business sense, excellent analytical skills, and most importantly, powerful networking aptitude. This program helps develop graduates with a solid business network to venture out a new business and become successful entrepreneurs.

• Corporate Career: Graduates who have earned a PGDBM degree can take up any job profile and accelerate their career

• Top Skill Acquired: This course will teach them about marketing, economic framework, business laws, organizational development, business strategies, and Financial Derivatives. Along with these, this course will also impart important management skills like Risk Management, Trade & Marketing Management, Financial Management, Economic & Management Decisions, etc.


Broaden career prospects, as employers often value candidates with advanced management knowledge and skills. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of business operations, strategic management, marketing, finance, and operations to gain a holistic perspective on business. Develope decision-making & problem-solving skills to preparing graduates for leadership roles. Earn necessary skills to adapt to the dynamic and evolving business environments. Networking and Industry Insights Serves as a stepping stone for further academic pursuits, such as an MBA or other master’s degrees


U-1: Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship

U-2: Good Governance and Compliance Management

U-3: Organization Design and Development

U-4: People Management

U-5: Financial Management

U-6: Business Development

U-7: Operations Management

U-8: Supply Chain Management

U-9: Total Quality Management

U-10: Business Economics & Cost Accounting

U-11: Business Leadership & Innovation

U-12: Business Analysis & Statistics

M-01-Red & Blue Ocean Strategy _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-02-Strategic Alliances _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-03-New Venture Formation _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-04-International Business-Pros and Cons _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-05-Good Governance for Corporate _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-06-Corporate Social Responsibility _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-07-Legal Compliance _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-08-Social Compliance _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-09-Organizational Design _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-10-Organizational Restructuring _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-11-Organizational Intervention _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-12-Organizational Change _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-13-Talent Acquisition _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-14-Talent Development _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-15-Talent Performance Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-16-Talent Reward & Retention _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-17-Introduction to Financial Management_World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M18Ratio Analysis _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-19-Fund Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-20-Financial Risk Analysis _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-21-Business Growth and Sustainability _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-22-Brand Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-23-Sales Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-24-Digital Marketing & E-commerce Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-25-Fundamentals of Organizational Operations Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-26-Capacity Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-27-Facility Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-28-Product & Service Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-29-Role of SCM in Business Operation _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-30-Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-31-Inventory, Logistics & Distribution Management _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-32-Risk Management for Supply Chain _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-33-Fundamentals of TQM _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-34-TQM Models & Tools _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M35TQM Process _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-36-International Quality Standards _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-37-Fundamental of Business Economics _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-38-Fundamentals of Cost Accounting _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-39-Methods and Tools of Cost Accounting _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-40-Application and Impact of Cost Accounting _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-41-Fundamentals of Business Leadership _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-42-Innovation Methodology & Framework _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-43-Ideation Tools and Techniques _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-44-Business Model Innovation _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-45- Business Statistics _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK (1)

M-46- Data Visualization _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK (1)

M-47- Simulation & Risk Analysis _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

M-48- Business Intelligence _World Academy_PGDSCM_ by RuwanK

ProfQual-UK accredited Professional Course in Human Resource Management
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Q. Is there any LIVE class?
A. There will be no LIVE session as it is a self-paced program.

Q. What are the entry requirements?
A. Bachelor’s Degree. Work experience can be taken into consideration but not mandatory. To check your eligibility, contact us at

Q. What is the duration of this Program?
A. 8/9 Months

Q. Will there be any books, materials etc.?
A. YES, you will be provided with reference e-book, study materials & video tutorials.

Q. How are learners assessed?
A. Learners are assessed through assignments that demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. All units within the qualification are assessed via exams and tasks, which are externally verified by the awarding organization.

Q. Are there any other fees?
A. NO, there are no other fees.

Q: Is it globally accepted?
A: Yes, the qualification awarding body is ProfQual-UK and also this course is accredited by SHRM-USA & ATD-USA for recertification credit point.

Q. What is the Payment Mode?
A. The available options are as follows:
- We accept Online Payment by VISA Card & MasterCard.
- We also accept Western Union/MoneyGram.
- Bank Transfer - Euro/USD payment
- PayPal payment

Q. Will Certificate be issued?
A. Yes, you will receive E-Certificate, Digital Badge & Printed Certificate.

Q: Will certificate be issued by ProfQual-UK?
A: Yes, Certificate and Transcript will jointly be issued by “ProfQual-UK”.

Q: Is the exam system also online?
A: Yes, the exam is also online-based.

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Duration: 9 Months 
Modules: 48 Modules
Short Video Materials: Yes
Mode of Learning: Online (Self-Paced)

Post Completion:

  • Electronic Certificate
  • Digital Badge via
  • Printed Certificate available

Exam Method:
Number of Exams: 12 (Each unit has One Exam)

  • Number of Questions: 20 MCQ Questions + 2 Written Questions (Each Exam)
    • MCQ Question Mark: 2 * 20=40
    • Written Question Mark: 30 * 2= 60
  • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Total Marks: 100 (Each Exam)
  • Pass Mark: 50%

Total Assignments: 02

  • 1 Pre-Course Assignment (Learning Purpose)
  • 1 Capstone Projects
  • Assignment Marks: 300
  • Pass Mark: 50%


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