Certified Project Finance Analyst (CPFA)-Online

Certified Project Finance Analyst (CPFA)-Online

Duration: 3 months Accreditation Body: International Professional Accreditation Council

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Mode of Program:          Fully Online

Learning Method:           Self-Paced Learning Material, Exercises, Assignment

Assessment Method:     Fully Online MCQ based Exam

Duration:                         3 months 

Accreditation Body:       International Professional Accreditation Council

Validity of Registration: 1 year                            

Price:                               320 USD

Certification Validity:     Life Long

Contact:                          info@worldacademy.uk , www.worldacademy.uk

Pre Course Assignment

CPFA-WB-M-1-Project Finance basic

CPFA-WB-M-2-Project Cycle in relation with finance

CPFA-WB-M-3-Role of Project in Economic Grwth

CPFA-WB-M-4-Objective of Financial Analysis in Project Finance

CPFA-WB-M-5-Cash Flow Analysis of Project

CPFA-WB-M-6-Breakeven Analysis

CPFA-WB-M-7-Financial Budgeting

CPFA-WB-M-8-Cost Benefit Analysis

In this course, You will learn about

  • Project Identification and Feasibility
  • Market Appraisal
  • Technical Appraisal
  • Financial Appraisal
  • Economic Appraisal
  • Financing Capital Structure
  • Choice of Securities and Guidelines for their Issue
  • External Commercial Borrowing and Euro-Issues
  • Venture Capital
  • Lease Finance
  • Working Capital Finance

Brief Outline:

M-1-Project Finance basic

M-2-Project Cycle in relation with finance

M-3-Role of Project in Economic Growth

M-4-Objective of Financial Analysis in Project Finance

M-5-Cash Flow Analysis of Project

M-6-Breakeven Analysis

M-7-Financial Budgeting

M-8-Cost Benefit Analysis


This course is accredited by Cambridge Academy of Professionals 

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