Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:


1. You need to follow the rules and regulation of WARD education program

2. WARD has right to change, amend any rules  as per the Qualification body

3. You also need to follow the rules, regulation and quality standard of the accreditation body of WARD

4. For any complaint please contact through ceo@worldacademy.uk


Refunds and Returns


1. WARD is not liable to return your deposited fees. However you may adjust the fees with any other program of WARD if you notify WARD in written at least 7 days before the program [for local training], However, for International training/ certification WARD may accept or reject your request for refund/ adjustment.

2. For any refund, the total amount or the refund cost will be charged

3. For any refund, WARD will take maximum 30 days

4. For credit card payment, the refund will be adjusted within 30 days time with the same credit card


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