Certified Recruitment and Selection Professional (CRSP) - (Self Paced)

Certified Recruitment and Selection Professional (CRSP) - (Self Paced)

By obtaining Certified Recruiting and Selection Professional certification, HR professionals may efficiently manage recruiting procedures and provide fair employment opportunities.

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The Certified Recruitment and Selection Professional (CRSP) is a professional certification that demonstrates expertise in the recruitment and selection process. The certification program covers topics such as job analysis, candidate sourcing, interview techniques, testing and assessment, and post-hire evaluation. CRSP professionals possess the knowledge and skills to design and implement effective recruitment strategies, evaluate candidate qualifications, and ensure compliance with equal employment opportunity laws. By obtaining this certification, HR professionals can demonstrate their expertise in the recruitment process and contribute to the success of their organization by attracting and hiring top talent.


  • Design an effective recruitment policy
  • Learn strategic methods on workplace planning
  • Design an effective sourcing strategy
  • Develop cost-efficient ways on recruitment
  • Understand methods on job analyses and job descriptions
  • Innovate company practices on employee selection
  • Acquire skills in technical recruitment and headhunting
  • Develop a competency framework
  • Design an assessment framework to identify the right fit
  • Become proficient in selection to find the right fit
  • Design effective employee experience through onboarding programs
  • Become an expert in business reports to decide on recruitment challenges
  • Understand benefits of AI in recruitment
  • Master laws involving recruitment


M-1: Sourcing the Right Talent: Pillar of Recruitment
M-2: Strategic Workforce Planning
M-3: Employer Branding: Power of Recruitment
M-4: Business Centric Recruitment & Selection Framework
M-5: Job Analysis and Design
M-6: Effective Selection Methods and Tools
M-7: Headhunting and Technical Recruitment
M-8: Positional Competency for Recruitment and Selection
M-9: Behavioral and Competency-Based Interviewing
M-10: Assessment Center for Selection
M-11: Effective Onboarding to Ensure Performance and Retention
M-12: Analytics in Recruitment and Selection
M-13: Recruitment Automation and Artificial Intelligence
M-14: Recruitment and Philippine Laws

Pre-Course Assignment




Duration: 4 Months
Short Video Materials: Yes
Mode of Learning: Self-Paced

Post Completion:

  • Electronic Certificate
  • Digital Badge via Credly.com
  • Printed Certificate available

Exam Method:

  • Number of Exams: 01
  • Number of Questions: 4 Written Questions
  • Duration: 120 Minutes
  • Total Marks: 100
  • Pass Mark: 70%


  • Total Assignments: 02
  • 1 Pre-Course Assignment (Learning Purpose)
  • 1 Capstone Projects
    • Marks: 100
    • Pass Mark: 70%
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