Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist [CRSS]

Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist [CRSS]

Recruitment & Selection is one of the most important component of HR Function. Wrong Hiring cost a lot for the company. Exploreing candidates, Hiring the RIGHT fit, Proper onboarding, better nurturing of Talent are vital. This certification Program will ensure those learning along with tools

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Major areas to be covered:

M-1: Business Centric Recruitment & Selection Framework

M-2: Strategic Workforce Planning

M-3: Employer Branding: Power of Recruitment

M-4: Positional Competency for Recruitment & Selection

M-5: Sourcing the RIGHT Talent: Pillar of Recruitment

M-6: Methods & Tools for RIGHT Selection

M-7: Behavioral & Competency Based Interviewing

M-8: Psychometric Test in Recruitment & Selection

M-9: Assessment Centre for Selection

M-10: Effective Onboarding to ensure Performance & retention

M-11: Wrong Hire: Cause, Impact & Strategy to overcome

M-12: Analytics in Recruitment & Selection


Overview of the Program:

‘‘Our people are our most important asset’’ This is the management mantra we have heard for long. Today, this phrase is uttered in hushed and fearful tones by executives and managers acknowledging and contemplating the challenges of delivering value within their organization through people. In short, the rhetoric has been taken over by the reality.

‘Man behind the Gun’ is very important. People are the best source for most gracious Competitive Advantage in any organization. Is every people are same? Not at all! The People who is RIGHT FIT for the Role or Company will be the best source of Competitive Advantage for Business Sustainability and Growth. HOW we can find the RIGHT Fit? This is million dollar question now days. Want to answer this question correctly? Join one of the most credible certification programs in Recruitment and Selection area “Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist (CRSS)” by IPAC-Singapore .

This certification program has been designed based on 5 competencies:

  1. Recruitment & Selection Strategy
  2. Talent Sourcing
  3. Talent Selection [RIGHT FIT Approach]
  4. Proper & Effective On-boarding
  5. Recruitment & Selection Analytics

Objective: After being Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist every individual is capable to

  • Design proper and effective Recruitment & Selection Policy & strategy
  • Design and implement proper Sourcing strategy
  • Design assessment framework to explore potential candidate
  • Use different method of selection for identifying RIGHT Fit
  • Design and implement an effective On-boarding program to increase Employee Life Time Value
  • Use Analytics in recruitment and Selection for better Talent Management Strategy
  • To differentiate different candidate personality

Target participants:

  • People working in HR Department
  • People working in Talent Management or Talent Acquisition Role
  • Function Head
  • Team Leader
  • HR Consultant
  • People working in Head Hunting Firms
  • HR Teacher
  • Trainer

This program is accredited by IPAC-Singapore and rcognized by HRCI & SHRM

Enrollment Closes 31/Jan/2022 GMT
Length 4 Months
Effort 2 hours per day
Live Chat Enabled
Fee $ 320.00

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