Fully Online Course List

World Academy is committed to Quality of Program & Customer Satisfaction. Considering these, World Academy has launched Fully Online Programs. Major Features of Fully Online Programs are:

  1. No Class required
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Online exam and assignment facility
  4. Online chatting with the instructor
  5. Opportunity to attend live session once it starts 
  6. Special offer for Online version
  7. Same certification value
  8. Same certificate for a live class and online version


There are 4 types of Courses available for fully online versions:

  1. Post Graduate Diploma/ Professional Diploma Programs
  2. Certified Professional/ Certified Specialist Program
  3. Professional Certificate Courses
  4. Master Class/ Workshops


Post Graduate Diploma/ Professional Diploma Programs

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management [PGDHRM]
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management [PGDSCM]
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management [PGDPM]
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health [PGDOSH]
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Communication & Managerial Competency [PGDBCMC]
  6. Post Graduate Diploma Business Management [PGDBM]
  7. Post Graduate Diploma Leadership & People Management [PGDLPM]
  8. Professional Diploma in Learning & Development [PDLD]

Diploma Programs

  1. Diploma in Human Resource Management [DHRM]
  2. Diploma in Supply Chain Management [DSCM]
  3. Diploma in Project Management [DPM]
  4. Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health [DOSH]
  5. Diploma in Business Communication & Managerial Competency [DBCMC]
  6. Diploma in Business Management [DBM]
  7. Diploma Leadership & People Management [DLPM]
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Certified Professional/ Certified Specialist Course

  1. Certified Key Performance Indicator [KPI] Specialist [CKPIS]
  2. Certified Performance Management Professional [CPMP]
  3. Certified Organization Development Professional [CODP]
  4. Certified Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 [cHRBP 2.0]
  5. Certified Project Management Specialist [CPMS]
  6. Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist [CRSS]
  7. Certified Human Resource Generalist [CHRG]
  8. Certified Associate Human Resource Professional [CAHRP]
  9. Certified Project Finance Analyst [CPFA]
  10. Certified Inventory & Store Management Professional [CISMP]
  11. Certified Professional Accountant [CPA]
  12. Certified Business Process Reengineering Specialist [CBPRS]
  13. Certified TEAM Performance Specialist [CTPS]
  14. Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist CEIS]
  15. Certified Employee Engagement Specialist [CEES]
  16. Certified PEOPLE Champion [CPC]
  17. Certified Learning & Development Professional [CLDP]
  18. Certified Balanced Score Card Professional [CBSCP]
  19. Certified Supply Chain Management Professional [CSCMP]
  20. Certified Sales Professional [CSP]
  21. Certified Competency Mapping Specialist [CCMS]
  22. Certified Psychometric Assessment Specialist [CPAS]
  23. Certified Professional in NGO Management [CpNGOM]
  24. Certified Human Resource Professional [CHRP] [No video tutorial]
  25. Certified Succession Planning Specialist [CSPS] [No video tutorial]
  26. Certified Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist [CRMES] [No video Tutorial]
  27. Certified Fellow Human Resource Professional [cFHRP] [No video tutorial]
  28. Certified Talent Management Professional [CTMP] [No video tutorial]

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Professional Certificate Courses

  1. Professional Certificate in Managerial Excellence [PcMEx]
  2. Professional Certificate in Health, Safety & Environment [PcHSE]
  3. Professional Certificate in Compensation & Benefit Management [PcCBM]
  4. Contemporary Certificate in Human Resource Management [CCHRM]
  5. Professional Certificate in Human Resource Operations [PcHRO]
  6. Professional Certificate in Business English & Communication [PcBEC]
  7. Professional Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Management [PcSHRM]
  8. Professional Certificate in Procurement Management [PcProM
  9. Professional Certificate in Inventory & Store Management [PcISM]
  10. Professional Certificate in Logistic Management [PcLM]
  11. Professional Certificate in Project Management [PcPM]
  12. Professional Certificate in Accounting Function [PCAF]
  13. Professional Certificate in Leadership Excellence [PcLE]
  14. Professional Certificate in Traiining Need and Impact Assessment [PCTNIA] [No video tutorial]
  15. Professional Certificate in Monitoring & Evaluation [PcME] [No video tutorial]


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Professional Certificate/ Master Class in Soft Skills

  1. Professional Certificate in Administrative Excellence [PcAdEX]
  2. Professional Certificate in Advanced Communication & Problem Solving ]PcACPS]
  3. Professional Certificate in Behavioral Management & Emotional Intelligence [PcBMEI]
  4. Professional Certificate in Leadership Philosophy [PcLP]
  5. Professional Certificate in Task Leadership [PcTL]
  6. Professional Certificate in Business Transformation
  7. Professional Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring
  8. Professional Certificate in Communication Strategies for Leadership [PcCSL]
  9. Professional Certificate in Construction site Management and Supervision [PcCMS]
  10. Professional Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion in Organization [PcDIO]
  11. Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management Excellence [PcLeMEx]
  12. Professional Certificate in Managerial Communication [PcMC]
  13. Professional Certificate in Organization Development and Change [PcODC]

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