Certified HR Generalist

Certified HR Generalist

Introduction: Certified Human Resource Generalist – CHRG is an Intermediate level globally recognized Certification program of Highly Keen that links the theory of HR with the practical HR practices of different sectors. This certification is helpful and suitable for young HR Professionals

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Major areas to be covered:

Brief Outline:

Module Name

Discussion Areas

M-1: HR & Organization

  • Scope of HR in organization
  • Organizational Structure/ Organogram: Concept
  • Types of Organization Structure
  • How to design Organogram
  • Strategic Role of HR in todays business

M-3: Job Analysis

  • Concept
  • Method of Job Analysis
  • Tools
  • Writing JD, JS
  • Practical Steps for conducting Job Analysis

M-4: HR Budget

  • Areas for HR Budget
  • Budget Preparation

M-5: Talent Acquisition

  • Sources of Recruitment
  • Types of Interview
  • Steps for Recruitment & Selection
  • Effective Onboarding

M-8: Learning & Development

  • TNA
  • Training Cycle
  • Training Management
  • Skills and Qualities for Trainer
  • Audience Management
  • Presentation Skill
  • Impact Assessment
  • ROI Calculation

M-11: Employee Retention

  • Causes of Turnover
  • Retention Model and initiatives

M-16: Labor Law & Rules

  • Essential clauses of Labor Law
  • Essential Clauses of Labor Rules

M-17: HR Compliance

  • Compliance Audit areas and its preparation
  • HR Compliance

M-2: HR Plan

  • Method of HR Plan
  • Practical exercise on HR Plan

M-12: Separation & Final Settlement

  • Mode of Separation
  • Calculation of Final Settlement
  • Documentation

M-13: HRIS & Report Management

  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Reporting Modalities
  • Component of HRIS
  • Designing HRIS

M-20: HR Accounting

  • Calculation of Human Asset
  • Cost based methods for Business performance

M-10: Total Reward & Employee Tax Management

  • Compensation & Benefit Management
  • Design C&B structure
  • Job Evaluation Method
  • PF, Gratuity Management
  • Design Incentive Scheme
  • Calculation of Tax

M-21: HR Audit

  • Concept
  • Methods of HR Audit
  • Scope of HR Audit
  • How to conduct HR Audit [Steps & Action Plan]
  • Tools to be used

M-24: Business Management

  • HBR Model of Strategic HRM
  • Component of Business Management
  • Concept of Business Model
  • Business Strategy development

M-25: Competitor Analysis

  • Concept of Competitor
  • Areas of analysis
  • Tools to be used

M-23: Lean HR

  • Concept of Lean & its application in HR
  • Waste Management in HR Process

M-22: Business Process Reengineering

  • Process Mapping,
  • Process redesigning
  • Phases of BPR
  • Waste Management

M-27: Business Performance

  • McKinsey 7-S framework for Operational excellence & its impact in Business Performance
  • Business Success Factor
  • BCG & Ansof’s Matrix

M-26: Financial Intelligence

  • Basic of Finance,
  • Application of Finance in HR
  • Financial Intelligence for Decision Making
  • Scope of Financial Analysis for Managers

M-7: Competency Mapping

  • Concept of Competency
  • Designing Competency

M-9: Performance Management System

  • Concepts
  • Methods of PMS
  • KPI based PMS
  • Concept of Balanced Score Card
  • Tools for PMS

M-19: HR Analytics

  • Application area of HR Analytics
  • Methods and Process of HR Analytics
  • HR Analytics Model
  • People Analytics Framework

M-18: HR Business Partnering

  • Ulrich Model
  • Application area of HR Business Partnering
  • Business Partnering Models
  • Competencies for HR Business Partner

M-14: Succession Management

  • Concept of Succession Management
  • 9 Box model and its application

M-15: Policy & SOP Management

  • How to design Policy & SOP
  • Importance & Impact of Policy-SOP

M-29: Relationship Management

  • Attitude, Behavior & Mindset of HR Professional
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Cross Functional Relationship & Cooperation

M-28: Human Psychology  & Personality Profiling

  • People difference based on psychology
  • Personality Profiling
  • Personality Test practice and its application in interview/placement

M-6: Interviewing

  • Competency Based Interview
  • Assessment Centre
  • Behavioral Interview

M-30: HR Leadership

  • HR Leadership
  • Teamwork



Objective: After successful completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Acquire essential knowledge and skills about HR Functions
  2. Accomplish core HR function confidently
  3. Maintain good interpersonal relationship for organizational excellence
  4. Execute proper documentation and compliance issues
  5. Manage all the functions for employee life cycle management

Competency Framework

Behavioral Competency

  • Self Management
  • Relationship Management
  • People Management

Functional Competency

  • Talent Management
  • Reward Management
  • Record Management
  • Law & Ethics

Business Competency

  • Process Management
  • Business Management
  • Competitor Management

Program Administration:

Total Duration: 3 Months

Contact Hours: 24 hours

Method: Online/ Class Room session with group work, activity, case etc [For foreign Nationals: Fully Online]

Assessment Areas:

  1. Clarity about Concept: Clear understanding about different functional area of HR
  2. Understanding Method/ Process: Clear understanding about different process and procedure of different functions of HR
  3. Capability to implement the learning: Capacity to apply learning in different practical areas in organization
  4. Capability to transfer the learning: To make other people understand about different functions of HR
  5. Capability to analyze the challenges & overcome those: Analyze and overcome the challenges for implementing different HR functions smoothly in the organization

Pre-requisite: At least 3 years experience in HR/ PcHRO completed

Pre course Activity:

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Self study of article and materials to clear the concept

Post Course Activity: Assignment, Awareness Presentation, Application Action Plan

Length 4 Months
Effort 2 hours per day
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Fee $ 320.00

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