Certified HR Business Partner 2.0 [cHRBP]- Batch 4

Certified HR Business Partner 2.0 [cHRBP]- Batch 4

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World Academy, the house of quality certification & professional education with the accreditation support from Cambridge Academy of Professionals, UK & recognized by Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) & Association for Talent Development (ATD)


Objective: After successful completion of the program, participants will be have the below mentioned learning module wise:

Module No

Learning Objective


  • Define and understand HRBP Context
  • Create behavioral framework for HR Business Partner
  • Recognize the Role of HRBP


  • Understand 13 dimensions f HRBP 2.0 by Dave Ulrich
  • Learn the skills to apply these dimensions
  • Analyze the impact in Business


  • Alignment of Talent Strategy with Business Strategy
  • Design Business Centric Talent Management Framework
  • Create Integrated Talent Management score Card


  • Understand Business Success factor
  • Conceptualize Business Elements and its management
  • Analyze business for improvement


  • Identify and design different business strategy
  • Align HR’s Role in designing, implementation & monitoring of these strategy
  • Calculate and analyze Impact of strategy in Business


  • Understand the basic about finance & Accounting
  • Concept of different Business Ratio and its analysis
  • Concept and application of financial intelligence 


  • Acquire skill for Data Management
  • Understand HR Analytics and apply those for Business analysis
  • Assist Management in business decision through HR Analytics


  • Identify Role of HRBP as Consultant for Business
  • Apply different tools for diagnosis organizational problem
  • Design solutions for organizational development
  • Module-1: HR Business Partnering: Concept & Practice
  • Module-2: Dimensions for HRBP 2.0
  • Module-3: Business Centric Talent Management Framework
  • Module-4: Business Acumen: Concept and Application
  • Module-5: Business Strategy & Business Models
  • Module-6: Financial Intelligence for HRBP
  • Module-7: HR Analytics for Business Decisions
  • Module-8: HRBP as Internal Consultant

Essential Information:

  • Start Date: 4 March
  • Class Day: Every Friday
  • Class Time: 8-10 pm Bd time/ 2-4 pm GMT
  • # of session: 8
  • Exam: There will be a graded exam at the end of the course


CHRBP-M-1: HR Business Partnering: Concept & Practice

CHRBP-M-2: Dimension of HRBP 2.0

CHRBP-M-3: Business Centric Talent Management Framework

CHRBP-M-4: Business Acumen: Concept & Application

CHRBP-M-5: Business Strategy & Business Models

CHRBP-M-6: Financial Intelligence for HRBP

CHRBP-M-8: HRBP as Internal Consultant

  This Program is recognized by Society for Human Resource Professionals – USA for recertification credit for their Certification Program “This program is valid for 16 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.”


“The use of this official seal confirms that this Activity has met HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®)  criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.”

“This program is valid for 16 recertification points for APTD & CPTD of Association for Talent Development USA     

'One of the best Program in HR Business Partnering. I have learnt about Business, Finance and its connection with HR' - Head of HR, MNC, Nigeria

'This is a comprehensive applocation focused course on HRBP. Perfectly covered all the dimensions of HRBP' - HRBP-Manufacturing Concern, Bangladesh


Introduction about Program:

As practice informs theory, the concept of Business Partnering has continued to evolve and become a dominant way of thinking about how HR can provide value-adding solutions to meet real business needs. The concept of Business Partnering has been one of the most problematic in terms of its implementation since Dave Ulrich first introduced and popularized the approach in the 1990s. The ‘Ulrich model’ has been widely adopted as an approach for structuring the HR function, especially in large organizations.

According to this, Business Partners, a small corporate Centre, centers of excellence or expertise and shared services, in-house or outsourced, are the principal delivery channels for functional excellence. Business Partnering as an approach underpins the original Ulrich functional roles model.

Business Partnering is both a mindset and a skill set – especially the ability to build and maintain effective value-adding business relationships. In a very real sense they are helping to move the field of Business Partnering forward by describing not just the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of Business Partnering but also the ‘how’.

This certification program will be an invaluable source of guidance to HR and other professionals who are seeking to become truly effective Business Partners. This will help the participants to grasp intensely practical slant on how to carry out this multi-faceted role effectively

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