Certified Psychometric Test Specialist

Certified Psychometric Test Specialist

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Understanding People Psychology at workplace is one of the most vital part for Human resource Management. Hire the RIGHT, Ensure proper placement, nurture proper talent through Psychometric Tools


Overview of the Program:


‘‘Our people are our most important asset’’ This is the management mantra we have heard for long. Professional managers and human capital professionals have many personality assessment tools to help them make better people decisions in terms of hiring, deploying and developing people for various organizational challenges. In this program we will review and discuss some of the easier to use assessment instruments to help the practitioners to use the right assessment instrument for the right situations.


Objective: After being Certified Recruitment & Selection Specialist every individual is capable to

  • Overview of the popular assessment instruments in the market – both open source as well as proprietary options
  • Reviewing each assessment tool – the advantages and disadvantages of each of these tools as well as their limitations
  • Applying these assessment tools to various organizational situation to improve productivity and performance of the individual, team and organization
  • Administering the assessment, giving feedback and follow through on development of the individual, teams and organization


Starts 09/Apr/2021 GMT

Part One : Four Hours

  • Introduction to Assessment instruments – for individuals, teams and organization
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator versus the Big Five – open source and proprietary versions (participants will be asked to spend 2 hours individually to take the assessment tools and spend time going through the key concepts in an online portal to get the full benefits of the instrument)
  • The Strengths Deployment Inventory – it’s origin and it’s applications and the current state of the art situation
  • The interest personality test – use of the interest personality test for career match
  • The Belbin assessment instrument – an introduction and overview of it’s origin and it’s applications.
  • The 360 degree assessment introduction.


Part Two : [Home practice] Four hours of online work – individual participants to go through the assessment and review the personal results of MBTI, Big Five, Interest personality assessment, Belbin and SDI


Starts 16/Apr/2021 GMT

Part Three : Four Hours

  • MBTI – it's uses and it’s limitations and the latest development in it’s evolution and transformation
  • Big Five – it's uses and limitations and latest development and it’s evolution and transformation
  • The SDI – it's uses and limitations and latest development and it’s transformation
  • The Interest personality test – it's uses and limitations and the latest development
  • Using the above tools – what's working and what’s not working – group discussions and


Starts 23/Apr/2021 GMT

Part Four : Four Hours

  • Belbin assessment instrument – it's uses and limitations – educating the line manager in buidling team cultures
  • Belbin and team working – how to maximize the individual performance and team effectiveness
  • The Belbin team wheel and how to use the team roles for the various organization situations – lean culture applications, innovation culture and design thinking applications in teams, agile organizations and team working


Starts 30/Apr/2021 GMT

Part Five : Four Hours

  • 360 degree assessment – the assessment of motives and values
  • 360 degree assessment – the concept of competencies and it’s importance for organizational performance and development
  • 360 degree assessment and development – leadership styles and organizational climate
  • 360 degree assessment – the development advisor
  • Application of 360 assessment for career planning, succession planning and talent management and development.
  • Building a supportive community of practitioners in using assessment instrumentations.

Enrollment Closes 09/Apr/2021 GMT
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